How to See Who You Requested to Follow on Instagram

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't have a built-in feature to view all your pending follow requests at once. Here are a few workarounds with varying degrees of effectiveness:

How to See Who You Requested to Follow on Instagram
Table of Content:
  • Introduction: Uncovering Pending Follow Requests on Instagram

  • The Challenge: Why Instagram Doesn't Make This Easy

  • Workarounds: Methods to Track Your Requests

    • Method 1: Checking Profiles Individually

    • Method 2: Scanning Your "Following" List

    • Method 3: The Unreliable Activity Log

  • Important Notes

    • Limitations of Each Method

    • Instagram's Reasoning for Obscuring Requests

  • Managing Requests Strategically

    • Tips for Staying Selective

    • When to Let Go of Pending Requests

  • Caution: Avoid Risky Third-Party Apps

Method 1: Manually Checking Individual Profiles

  • If You Remember Usernames:
    • Go to the person's profile.
    • If you see "Requested," that request is still pending.
  • Limitation: Only practical if you have a few pending requests and recall who they were.

Method 2: Utilizing the "Following" List (Partial Help)

  1. Go to Your Profile
  2. Tap "Following": This shows who you successfully follow.
  3. Search & Investigate:
    • Search for usernames of people you think you might have sent requests to.
    • If they don't appear in your "Following" list, the request might be pending, OR they may have a private account.
  • Limitation: Doesn't differentiate between pending requests and accounts you don't currently follow.

Method 3: Using the Activity Log (Limited)

  1. Go to Your Profile
  2. Tap the Three-Line Menu (top right corner)
  3. Select "Your Activity"
  4. Tap "Interactions"
  5. Select "Follow Requests"
    • This may show some recently canceled requests, but it's inconsistent.

Why Instagram Makes This Difficult

  • Reducing Spam: Easily recalling requests could encourage people to mass-follow then unfollow, a spammy tactic.
  • Focus on Connections: Instagram likely wants you to engage with those who follow you back, not obsess over pending requests.

Tips for Managing Follow Requests

  • Be Selective: Only follow accounts you're genuinely interested in to avoid a long list of unanswered requests.
  • Set Reminders: If you send a request to someone specific you want to track, make a note to check their profile later on.

Third-Party Apps: Proceed with EXTREME Caution

Some apps claim to show pending follow requests. DO NOT give these your login information. These often violate Instagram's terms and are a security risk.

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