Privacy Policy

Last Updated : December 2, 2023

We care about keeping our customers' privacy and security at This applies to both our current customers and people who might become customers. On this page, you'll find a simple list of the information we usually get from visitors to our site. Each piece of information has a short description. If you have more questions, please message us on our Contact Us page. You can also contact us. Everything on this page applies to When you use our site, you agree to let us collect and store the information described below.

COOKIES uses cookies to store online activities and speed up browsing speed. You can achieve this by using the browser of your choice, which transmits the data. Google, a popular third-party vendor, uses cookies. Cookies help direct and advertise users to websites, including Google recommends various other types of websites online. To find out more, visit Disabling cookies is ill-advised but possible. You can generally do this via the options or settings page of the browser. Tinkering with your browser's settings without caution can lead to problems. To achieve this, consult the developer before making any modifications.

Please make sure to consult the respective developer first.

Only make modifications by consulting the developer. Turning off the cookies may cause's website not to run as intended.


Many online websites use similar cookies, logs, or log files. The logs contain information about the Internet Protocol or IP address. Your Internet Service Provider or ISP uses this to track your Internet activities. The data is not usually connected to personal information. It exists to analyze trends, improving browsing efficiency.


When you visit a website, the collected information makes browsing more accessible and faster. 

The website analyzes your preferences and habits. It suggests exciting websites based on this. It also offers our services and associated companies. This helps our business and other businesses succeed. We collect information to improve our products and services on our website. Additional links and websites may have their own rules and policies. By visiting those websites, you agree to their terms of use. Please be aware that data and information may not always be secure. We cannot hold anyone responsible for any losses or damages. This is due to data corruption or interception happening.


Existing customers can make changes to their accounts or unsubscribe on Send us a message through our Contact Us page. Keep in mind that significant changes may impact your current services.